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Project Management

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Project Management & Cost Savings

It’s a common cycle - business is booming, so you're too busy to devote time and resources to cost savings projects or process improvements. Business slows, and suddenly all eyes are on savings but with limited resources it can be difficult to implement impactful changes quickly.

Major initiatives and competing priorities can zap your procurement resources, making it difficult to add large projects to the daily work load. 

Spend Right can provide the support you need to keep projects on track and yield savings faster.

Corporate Merger & Acquisition Support

Merging organizations is the combining of not just legal entities, but people, cultures, customers, suppliers, processes and systems.

While it is an exciting time of growth and opportunity, it can also be a time of great stress and uncertainty with much of the hardest work beginning after the deal has been made.

It can be extremely beneficial to enlist the support of a neutral party to facilitate these processes. We have experience in leading several dealership mergers and can help you achieve a successful merger in a timely manner.